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Thrive Perth

Thrive Scotland is a coalition of likeminded individuals from the workplace and faith based organisations united around a common vision of restoring the confidence of the scattered church in Scotland.

Thrive has formed a partnership with Blend coffee lounges to create a space to nurture connections across the city for anyone and everyone in the workplace. It is intentionally cross-sector, city-wide & non-denominational.

We want to create a city-wide network across Scotland of connected, affirmed and empowered individuals of faith to catch a vision to transform their own spiritual walk, their workplace, & ultimately their city.

We have seen God bless this vision in Aberdeen through 8 years of investing in individuals across the city through breakfasts, small group studies, conferences & prayer. We believe the time is right to grow this work across Scotland and launched Thrive Dundee in August 2021. Our hope is to kick off similar initiatives in Perth & Paisley in 2022.

You are invited to a gathering in Perth Blend on Tuesday 16th November at 8.00am. Come along and find out more!


Martyn Link, Jim Grimmer, Barry McAllister

(Trustees of The Business Connection & organisers of Thrive)

Together with the Thrive Advisory Board:

Ken Janke – Global Advance

Tony Hodges – City Vision

Ruth Walker – LICC

Kieran Turner – Evangelical uAlliance

Colin Stewart – Citigroup

Ros Turner – Transforming Work UK

Sarah Hunter – GSK

The start of something…

Dear friends, just wanted to thank you for praying for the first Thrive Dundee breakfast this morning – it was a really lovely early morning meeting. There were 5 of us and it was great to hear folks sharing their covid stories…of being isolated in lockdown, coping with kids with learning difficulties, being overwhelmed with changing legislation & tax guidance, working in essential services…and many other topics.

A couple came through from Perth and are very keen on the Perth Thrive idea. One even came from Gleneagles.

My favourite quote…when talking about the exhaustion of being “Zoomed Out”…she exclaimed “That’s why I’m here!!”

A few people sent their apologies, so might have some new faces in two weeks! Please bear us up before the Father…
“For where two or three are gathered…”

A call to community

I write this as I head into the office for the first time in a long time…I’m even wearing my suit again! If we have learnt one thing during the last 18 months of being forced to keep our distance it is that we need human contact!

We have also learnt that while remote working can be functional it is not ultimately nourishing. Social interaction is richer, deeper & more enjoyable face to face. Isn’t it better for our minds, hearts and souls to share a physical space and to sit round a real table with another person than over a screen?

So, as we are now able to gather again Thrive Scotland and The Business Connection trustees would like to invite you to a social gathering for anyone in the workplace on alternate Friday mornings in Blend Dundee from 7.30 – 9.00am, starting this Friday (20th August).

Come along and share your lockdown stories, meet someone new and enjoy great coffee in a chilled setting. Come when you can, go when you must…we’ll have the place to ourselves so plenty of room! If you’re in the workplace you’re welcome.


Thrive Dundee

As part of our discussion and prayers on next steps from the Thrive conference (www.thrivescotland.org) we sensed God prompting us to explore establishing a marketplace city gathering across Dundee.

There are already such groups in Aberdeen and Edinburgh and we feel that now is the time to see if God is opening a way to form a similar group in Tayside. There is a growing group of people in and around the city who attended Thrive and are keen to meet up when it is possible again.

I realise there are challenges around physically meeting up but wanted to start praying about meeting face to face for breakfast in the spring of 2021. We are planning on having a Zoom call in the new year and potentially start meeting for a fortnightly breakfast in March or April.

We would ask for your prayers for this new extension of our ministry. If you would like to know more please contact me.