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A call to community

I write this as I head into the office for the first time in a long time…I’m even wearing my suit again! If we have learnt one thing during the last 18 months of being forced to keep our distance it is that we need human contact!

We have also learnt that while remote working can be functional it is not ultimately nourishing. Social interaction is richer, deeper & more enjoyable face to face. Isn’t it better for our minds, hearts and souls to share a physical space and to sit round a real table with another person than over a screen?

So, as we are now able to gather again Thrive Scotland and The Business Connection trustees would like to invite you to a social gathering for anyone in the workplace on alternate Friday mornings in Blend Dundee from 7.30 – 9.00am, starting this Friday (20th August).

Come along and share your lockdown stories, meet someone new and enjoy great coffee in a chilled setting. Come when you can, go when you must…we’ll have the place to ourselves so plenty of room! If you’re in the workplace you’re welcome.