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Potrait of Calvin now available

This was the book that first got John Piper hooked on John Calvin. Now reprinted by Desiring God Ministeries you can either buy it or download it for free.

Piper says this in his foreword:

Desiring God is publishing T. H. L. Parker’s Portrait of Calvin out of theologically and historically informed nostalgia—and a sense of mission. The mission is to make much of the majesty of God. And the nostalgia is that this book was my first serious exposure to Calvin. I paid fifty cents for the book in a used rack. That was four decades ago.

Parker’s Portrait was first published in 1954. But it’s not the kind of book that goes out of date, because it’s only trying to be current with the sixteenth century. If you get it right, it stays right. When I saw the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth coming (July 10, 2009), I thought that maybe others would enjoy the same introduction to Calvin I enjoyed.

Is it for me?

If your wondering how much commitment would be required before commiting to the reading plan then this is a link to an online version of the Beveridge edition:



These will help give you an idea of how much reading is scheduled for each day – normally about 3 pages. I read the first day’s section the other day and it took 7 minutes to read. However, understanding it is another issue!!