Here are sermons I have given over the last couple of years.

Postcards from the Prophets

  1. The Call – first in a series on the prophets, looking at the call of Jeremiah
  2. Famous Last Words – second in Postcard from the Prophets series, focussing on the prophecy of Jacob to Judah in Genesis 49
  3. An Empty Jar and a Broken Heart – Elijah and the widow of Zarephath
  4. The Outlaw and Obadiah – Elijah’s meeting with Obadiah and the lessons we can learn from Obadiah’s response to the killing of the prophets.
  5. The God Who Is There – Elijah at Mount Carmel
  6. Running on Empty – Elijah at Mount Horeb



  • 8th January 2012 – Carnoustie Community Church – 1st in a series of three talks on The Marks of a Genuine Faith, beginning with “The Pursuit of God” from Philippians 3.12-14
  • 5th February 2012 – Carnoustie Community Church – 2nd talk on “Total Forgiveness”
  • 25th March 2012 – Carnoustie Community Church – 3rd talk on” Unconditional Love”
  • 15th April 2012 – Central Baptist Church, Dundee – “Running on Empty” from 1 Kings 19
  • 20th May – Carnoustie Community Church – “An Empty Jar and a Broken Heart”
  • 23rd September – Carnoustie Community Church – “The Outlaw and Obadiah”
  • 14th October – Abbeyhill Baptist Church, Edinburgh – “Total Forgiveness”
  • 4th November – Carnoustie Community Church – “The God Who is There”


  • 30th January 2011 – Glenrothes Baptist Church AM & PM
  • 13th February 2011 – Tayside Christian Fellowship, Jesus As Saviour
  • 20th February 2011 – Montrose Baptist Church
  • 13th March 2011 – Central Baptist Church, Dundee (second in a series on the prophets, focussing on the prophecy of Jacob, Genesis 49)
  • 20th March 2011 – Carnoustie Community Church (testimony)
  • 26th March 2011, 8am-10am – Men’s Breakfast, Dundee (speaking on “A Case for a Creator”)
  • 24th July 2011 – Carnoustie Community Church (AM)
  • 25th September – Central Baptist Church (AM & PM) – talks 3 and 4 from Postcards from the Prophets
  • 23rd October 2011 – Central Baptist Church (AM)


Children’s Talks:

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