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The Outlaw and Obadiah

In the evening last Sunday I preached on Elijah meeting Odadiah, the fourth in my series of Postcards from the Prophets and used this encounter to ask some questions about a Christian’s view of civil disobediance, including looking at Martin Luther King Jr and Oscar Schindler. You can access the sermon here and the slides here.

An Empty Jar and a Broken Heart

Last Sunday I preached on Elijah meeting the widow of Zarepheth from 1 Kings. It was the third in my series of Postcards from the Prophets. The sermon is available here and the slides here.

Famous Last Words

Here is the second in my series of sermons on Postcards from the Prophets, taken from Genesis 49.8-12 and Jacob’s prophecy concerning Judah.

In this message I focussed on how the final words of Jacob to his son Judah were remarkably fulfilled hundreds of years later and why this is relevant to us in the 21st century.

The slides are available here and the audio here.

New preaching dates

After a busy start to the year I have taken a break from preaching over the last two months. From July I will be back into preaching again as I try and find the right balance between family, work and ministry commitments. So, I have added a couple of new dates to the preaching calender – Hopefully I’ll be able to post these sermons once the recordings are available.

Jesus As Saviour

Here is a sermon I preached at Tayside Christian Fellowship on the 13th February 2011. It was the first in a series they were doing on Jesus – Saviour, Lord and King.

The sermon is titled Jesus As Saviour and was taken from Colossians 1.9-14, the audio is available here.

Scottish preachers workshop

If you live in Scotland and want to brush up your preaching then you might want to attend Potential Preachers Workshop. Its being organised by 2 Timothy 4 trust – an organisation aimed at strengthing the quality of preaching in Scotland. I sat under the ministry of Peter Grainger for 10 years at Charlotte Chapel and can heartily recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to know how to better prepare for preaching. Even if you have a limited experience of preaching, but have a desire to preach, then this will be a great event to go to.

Christianity: Unscientific, Corrupt and Intolerant?

I also spoke in the evening of the 1st August at CBC. My evening message was an apologetic argument that unlike how many view Christianity today in the UK, it is actually a reasonable faith. The themes within this message have been brewing within me for many years and are a response to the increasing hostility that Christians experience in UK society and the corresponding crises in confidence that afflicts our churches.

The slides are available here and the sermon here.

I should point out that the sermons at CBC are simultaneously signed for the deaf – you will need to know this to explain the laughter when I question how the interpreter will handle the word “homology”.