Putting R&D into your character

Feeling very tired after a busy day at work participating in a conference in London and lots of calls. But also feeling excited about the opportunity to speak at the Tayside Christian Fellowship final service before Christmas on Simeon’s song from Luke 2, you’re welcome to come along if you’re in Perth on 19th December.

Was such a privilege to be at Cupar Baptist Church last week, speaking on The Good Samaritan and Mary & Martha, please pray for this fellowship especially. Then off to Kelso Evangelical Church on 9th January speaking about the “fiery tongue” from James 3!!

Just finished listening to the Christianity Today podcast series on Mars Hill – what a story! So sad, but also moments of real, incredible beauty.

These bible verses and podcasts are all driving home to me deeper the need to be “righteous & devout” as Simeon is described…not having a mask, or being someone different “on stage”…not turning a blind eye to pain and hurt, but also not just skipping to the end to “put a bow on it”…but taking time to listen to the stories, feeling the emotion of broken lives, feeling burdened for the pale reflection we often exhibit of true beauty…the secret to it all, as I heard again tonight from Martin Luther is to realise “all of life is repentance“ (or should be!). Thankful there are many people in my life who can truthfully be described as “r&d”!

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