The Lamb

Revelation Chapter 5 – The Lamb (Word doc available here)

In this week’s bible study the focus moves from the worship of God for his role in creation to the worship of the Lamb for his work in redemption. A scroll is revealed that contains the destiny of mankind, but it is sealed until the time of opening.

  1. Read v1-3, why is it significant that no one can be found to open the scroll? Why do you think this affected John so much?
  2. What makes us weep? How much do we grieve for the brokenness of our world; the plight of the lost; and the impurity of the church? What does Ezekiel 9.4-6 say about how much God values our brokenness over sin?
  3. V5, although a lion is introduced by the angel, John sees a slaughtered lamb. Why is a lamb on the throne instead of a lion? What do the 7 horns and 7 eyes signify (v6)? What attributes of Jesus does this emphasise?
  4. Jim reminded us that “this hero conquered not through strength but through weakness” – describe in your own words Jesus’ strengths and weaknesses from this chapter. How are these unlike other people’s strengths and weaknesses?  
  5. Read Daniel 12.1-4 & Ezekiel 2.9-3.3 – what connection do these passages have with Revelation 5? Why does God choose to come to his prophets (John, Daniel & Ezekiel) with visions of the scroll when they are in exile? How has God spoken to you in times of difficulty and isolation?
  6. How does the centrality of the slain lamb contradict the values that our society respects (1 Corinthians 1.18-25)? How does God overcome this stumbling block? Why do you think that God chooses humility and weakness rather than overwhelm us with his power and majesty?
  7. How does it make you feel to think that there are millions of angels worshiping Jesus right now? What difference will this reality make to how you go into your workplace, home and community tomorrow?  

We lift our voices with the heavenly host and praise and magnify the lamb that was slain:

“Come and weep, come and mourn, For your sin that pierced him here, So much deeper than the wounds of thorn and nail. All our pride, all our greed, All our fallenness and shame, And the Lord has laid the punishment on him. We worship at your feet, Where wrath and mercy meet, And a guilty world is washed by love’s pure stream. For us he was made sin, Oh, help me take it in, Deep wounds of love cry out “Father, forgive”, I worship, I worship the lamb that was slain.”

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