Happy New Year !

So my year with John Calvin is coming to an end and I am glad to say that I finished reading the Institutes two days ago. I have a few chapters to finish posting and will do these in the coming weeks. I also have a few ideas for what to do once my journey with John Calvin comes to a close…but more on that later. May I wish all God’s richest blessings in 2010.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year !”

  1. It’s been a long, Martyn, since I’ve contacted you. I pray that you are well. I haven’t been posting much on tangiblethoughts the last couple of months. Have been writing more on another blog, http://www.taethnenetwork.wordpress.com, dealing alot with international student ministry and organic, simple church. Am going to gradually move the taethnenetwork posts over to tangiblethoughts and write just on it. Happy New Year and God bless. Scott

  2. Well done. I’ve enjoyed reading the regular postings so I am looking forward to the last few on Calvin – and what comes next. The main impression as I think back over the past year is how relevant you made the postings.

  3. Well done Martyn! I am impressed and humbled that you got the whole way through. I enjoyed reading your posts and they were definitely very relevant and approachable. What are one or two things that you will take away from this year’s reading. And, what’s next ?

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