A month into Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion

Well a month in and I’m only a couple of days behind schedule, however the last couple of weeks have been tough to stay on track.  Work, family, illness and traveling are taking their toll on my regular reading. Also, the chapters are getting longer and deeper…I must admit that Chapter 13  on the Trinity was tough, both to understand and to blog.

So…if you are still with me after a month then give me a shot in the arm and leave a comment. All you need to do is click on the comment hyperlink below and leave your name, email address and hit submit. It would help tonnes to know people were still enjoying reading the blogs. Thanks to those of you who have encouraged me so far.

Only 11 more months to go and three more books………. I must be crazy!

2 thoughts on “A month into Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion”

  1. Martyn,

    Good afternoon (Texas USA time).

    I know that maintaining a daily reading schedule of the Institutes can be pressing. I am trying to read through them with the Reformation21 blog and post daily, but started falling behind this past Friday.

    When a person is busy with work, family, ministry, and life as you and I are, and we try to read and post daily, it can become quite pressing.

    I do appreciate your commitment to and discipline in the reading of and posting about the Institutes.

    I pray that you are feeling better.

    Out of interest, Martyn, where are located?

    ~ Blessings ~


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